This is the beginning of an online course, consisting of some information about aspects of anaerobic digestion for you to read. The discussion facility can then be used for you to ask questions, which will be answered as time allows. If you see a question you can answer please do, as it may be a while before other people look at the page.

Remember there is no such thing as a silly/stupid question - it's much easier to answer a "silly" question than to fix a dumb mistake!

There is LOTS of other information available on the internet, but I don't want to confuse you by sending you all around the world. This Safety Course is worth looking at.

Suggestions for improvement will be happily accepted and may be implemented (all things considered). Please send your comments/suggestions to

- the main resource
- An Excel steady state biogas model, mentioned in the Notes, a "zip" file for you to download
- mentioned in the Notes, will boil a couple of cups of water per day when fed piggery effluent
- gas quality measurement, also given in the Notes
- description of the operation of a Chinese Digester

Biogas Workshops

If you would rather a "hands on" approach see
Other training opportunities are available at
IBBK in Germany run Biogas training courses (in English and in various locations)
Appropriate Rural Technology Institute. India, offer training. See
Govinda Devkota is keen to train masons to build domestic scale biogas plants anywhere in the world.
Biogas courses in Mexico in English and Spanish, also US and Costa Rica - Contact Alexander Eaton []
Ecotech Institute in Denver prepares students specifically for renewable energy and the cleantech revolution.


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