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June 2010 - I have updated/added to the REPP Archives page(s) and revised the structure/LH Menu Bar, including adding this page.

The latest addition is a "Biogas Events" page to try and make finding meetings etc easier. If you want to maintain your own information I am happy to give membership.

As we now have 46 members but few contributors I have added a Members Pages area where you can put a link to your own little bit of this wiki (or another site if you like) where you can put photos of projects and a bit about yourself (but please keep in mind this is a "biogas" site, so keep it relevant!).

There is a videos on constructing poly digesters and using similar materials for gas storage, both on YouTube.

There is now an Introduction to Biogas Online Course, available here on the biogas Wiki as a trial.

I have added two new working pages, one to collect information from the REPP AD Archives and one relating to an ISO proposal to develop Biogas Standards.

As there are now a number of biogas related groups/lists I am putting a "LISTS" page here to help the networks network. Please let me know of any lists I have left out - e-mail harrisfm@aapt.net.au

I am getting a number of e-mails from people wanting home size units - so here is a Domestic page for you to discuss on (or would you like to try a Blog?).

Note that this wiki is apparently used more by those looking for information than those with background knowledge (and I don't have lots of spare time to check regularly!) so please don't expect quick responses on the discussion pages - if you really want a response use the discussion list at REPP (you must subscribe, for free). If you can answer any questions please check the discussion pages to help out - then it's not just my opinions.

If you are interested in a 200 litre "Do It Yourself" project to learn about digesters/digestion you may find this helpful, but it won't power your house (you can boil a couple of cups of water per day using pig manure).

I will create some general pages below but you can add your own if necessary. If you want to learn and are afraid of messing up the site please have a play in the "Sandbox". You can add a new page (click "New Page" near top of LH column) and don't worry, all changes are recorded so it is possible to go back to before any damage. This is one of my first efforts as well!

Happy digesting/wikiing
Paul Harris

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