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I thank Mr. Harris for setting this resource up and look forward to learning from the experts.

Comments and photographs on failed Western style sewage systems in Ghana:
This system used in a hospital in Accra used a spray bed aerobic system, but depended on the sewage sludge being pumped through the spray nozzle. The smell was bad and the system failed when the pump broke down.
This has now been replaced by a system built by Biogas Technology West Africa Ltd (see which works much better and does not smell at all. The water that comes out is recycled for use as flush water in the toilets.

The following two photographs are of a much larger aerobic system in a suburb of Accra called Tema. This used air pumped through central towers fitted in the sewage lagoon. The whole system failed within 5 years, mainly because the air pumping system could not be repaied locally. It used huge amounts of energy. A simple anarobic process should generate energy not consume it.
Submitted by David Fulford 19/01/2009

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