With an increasing interest in biogas in many parts of the world, a large number of valuable project deliverables - including multilingual technical training manuals - are now being put online and made available for the general public. The intention of this page is to refer to these projects and similar, mainly academic, deliverables.

If you know of a collective research project, a didactive report, or a good book, which could be of interest to the biogas community, please add it under the appropriate headline.


Biogas from waste and renewable resources Edited by D Deublein and A Steinhauser. Published by Wiley 2010. Available as ebook
Biomethanation I Edited by BK Ahring. Published by Springer, 2003.Can also be purchased as e-book
Biomethanation II Edited by BK Ahring. Published by Springer, 2003. Can also be purchased as e-book
Microbes at work Edited by H Insam et al, published by Springer, 2010. Can also be purchased as e-book
Municipal Solid Waste Management Edited by PJ Reddy. Published by Taylor & Francis Group, 2011.
Small-scale Rural Biogas Programmes: a Handbook by David Fulford; Published by Practical Action; Jan 2015. Also available from Amazon as a Kindle edition.
The biogas handbook edited by Arthur Wellinger, Jerry Murphy and David Baxter (IEA Bioenergy); Published by Woodhead Publishing; 2013.

Conference, symposium, and workshop proceedings

Baltic Biorefinery Symposium PDF approx. 9 MB
The Future of Biogas in Europe II PDF approx. 3 MB
The Future of Biogas in Europe III PDF approx. 3 MB
RAMIRAN The Research Network on Recycling of Agricultural and Industrial Residues in Agriculture has a lot of interesting conference proceedings and an informative news feed

Homepages of collective research projects

AGROBIOGAS An integrated approach for biogas production with agricultural waste
Agroptigas The project documents the planning, buidling, and operation of a community biogas plant in the Swedish city of Västerås. The facility treats organic waste, household waste,and agricultural crops and residues
BiG>East BiG>East promotes the production and use of biogas as a secure and sustainable energy source in several target countries of Southern and Eastern Europe
BiogasIN Sustainable Biogas Market Development in Central and Eastern Europe. A wealth of information in several European languages
Biogasmax Biogasmax aims at creating a European-wide biogas network for sharing experiences. The website contains numerous technical reports
CROPGEN CROPGEN investigated production of biogas from crops and waste. Numerical tools were also developed
FARMAGAS The project aims to promote the biogas production in specific high-potential eastern European countries
Manure Processing Activities in Europe Newsletters and technical deliverables dealing with state-of-the-art manure and bioslurry (digestate) processing technologies in Europe
PROBIOGAS Promotion of Biogas for Electricity and Heat Production in EU Countries - Economic and Environmental Benefits of Biogas from Centralised Co-digestion
RELU The Rural Economy and Land Use (RELU) project explored the potential for bioenergy production through on-farm anaerobic digestion
RES-FC MARKET The project deals with fuel cell systems for households including systems powered by biogas
ValorgasValorisation of food waste to biogas

Training manuals and similar documents

BIOEXELL training manual PDF, approx. 5 MB
Best Biogas Practice An Austrian benchmark survey of agricultural biogas plants, link to the report, PDF approx. 2.9 MB (in German with English summary)
Biogas - Green energy - Process, Design, Energy Supply, Environment PDF, approx. 2.2 MB
Centralised biogas plants - Integrated Energy Production, Waste Treatment and Nutrient Redistribution Facilities PDF, approx. 2 MB
Danish centralised biogas plants - Plant descriptions PDF, approx. 1.3 MB
Good practice in quality management of AD residues PDF, IEA Task 24 publication, approx. 700 kB
Guía de utilization agronómice da los materiales digeridos PDF, approx. 2 MB
Microbiological Handbook for Biogas PlantsPDF, Swedish Gas Centre report no. 207, approx. 4.8 M
Test protocols for verifying agricultural technology The VERA Secretariat under Danish Standards has a number of test protocols for verifying technology for the agricultural sector including manure and bioslurry (digestate) technology


Biogas Safety - University of Guelph

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